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Wednesday, October 7th - To Do

Started Oct-7 by scapermom; 131 views.

From: scapermom


What’s to do today?

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From: scapermom


Morning moving along. Dog’s done, collected & started a wash, next is kitchen after I eat something.

Pulled the CSA bag off the porch. Need to unpack, clean, store & figure out how I’m using what’s in there. Felt heavy. 

Its wednesday, so my day for office/financial stuff. Bills, filing, receipts. Also have to look at an email from DDs school financial office and try to comprehend it.

I’ll review what I need for Fafsa too so I can fill it out. Have to read climate myself with it first. I don’t remember it being as bad as that Css one. 

Also want to make a dentist appointment. So overdue with that.

May take a run to Aldi. They have a great price on grass fed ground beef This week (starts today). I’ll also get some stock up stuff. DD likes their frozen taquitos. 

Going to use up the remaining bone broth & cabbage for another batch of Hot Melt Soup. Everyone loved it as a starter. Also need to either blanch & freeze or cook the mustard greens & kale from last weeks CSA.

Lunch - leftovers of choice

Dinner - garlic lime salmon


From: friedchickn


A better question is "what ISN'T to do today?"

Just finishing up breakfast and breakfast cleanup.  I have enough room in the dishwasher for lunch and some prep I'll do that later.

Lunch is leftovers.  Dinner is mac and cheese with ham and peas.  I also want to dice up a pepper for omelets and deal with the sourdough starter...

I've got to run to my ILs at some point.  They need help with some screens...again.  And my MIL forgot her license in the back pocket of dh's car? Why was it there?

Romwod, workout and a 1 min bridge pose....which has been helping with my back alot.  Who knew?

Dh is currently sucking up ladybugs on an extension ladder with a vacuum stuffed in a a trip to the ER later?

Piano lesson at 4:15

Dump run

Dog claws and bowls...cause those didn't get done yesterday....also have a load in the dryer that needs folding/putting away.

Someone is supposed to come to buy the fridge today.

And if I have the time.....which I don't....a trip to the big grocery for the kids' pantry.  Feeling like that's gonna have to be tomorrow

And my email is overflowing.....with I kinda need to pick a few and get em done....


From: scapermom


I’m a day behind on the missions but here’s today’s:

Zone 2: Mission #3 Wednesday
Dear Friends:Today you will need to get an OLD toothbrush and some soap and scrub those kitchen sink faucets! You will be amazed at how much gunk and grime will come off around the handles. You shine your sink everyday but today we are going to make those faucets sparkle! While you are at it take that soapy toothbrush and scrub your rings that you are wearing that have gotten grungy and make them sparkle too!