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Tuesday, November 3rd - To Do

Started Nov-3 by scapermom; 70 views.
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From: scapermom


Ready for my second cup already...

dog & laundry done and going. Need to set a day to do masks now... 

dd & I just had breakfast together. She’s in class now. I’ve got kitchen clean up next.

kitchen could use a vacuum & Damp mop 

didn’t get to costco yesterday so hopeful for today.hope it’s not a madhouse 

light weights & band workout

some personal grooming aka manicure 

steak salad for lunches 

pork & red cabbage stir fry for dinner
CSA said Thursday delivery this week. Don’t know what s up with them delivery is like a moving target this season.


From: friedchickn


Everything is going smooth like silk this morning....I almost don't know what to do with myself.

Got up early for me...but probably normal if you consider the time change.  Got to sit and chill for a bit before I grabbed the oldies and took them to the polls.  No line, no wait...NO PROBLEM.  Priority 1 DONE.

Dropped them at home and then waited for the fridge delivery.  An electrician was finishing up while I waited....says he'll be done today.  Does that mean the house can be moved into????  Really confused.  Waiting to hear from the builder before I start making calls.  Fridge delivery was uneventful and it's all hooked up and ready to go. Priority 2 DONE.

Went to walgreens cause we needed toothpaste.  Scored a can of Lysol as well.  Not that I use the stuff much but hey....winter is here.

So now I'm home and doing?????  Only other priority today is Yoga tonight.

So I guess I return to a normal Tuesday schedule.

Dog claws and bowls.  Laundry after I work out.  Piano practice.  Workout.

Should figure out something for dinner.....even though I won't be here to cook....sigh.  Maybe I can convince dh to make nachos....I love his nachos.

Need to look into those vacuum bags and then order some.  And a stop at the PO wouldn't hurt.

And....I guess....low priority list?