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Thursday November 5th To Do

Started Nov-5 by scapermom; 124 views.
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From: scapermom


Been up for hours, but so has everyone else. 

just got back from dog walk, been trying to do 2 a day again. We all need it. Weather is beautiful. Though allergies are here too. 

laundrys in dryer, DH cooked scrambled eggs and turkey bacon for our breakfast. I just need to finish clean up. I need to take something out for dinner. Thinking shrimp and scallops.

I have some catalogs & mail to sort through.

Also need to recheck dishwasher stock. Think I’ll just order it and hope that DH fixes the pipe situation by the time they deliver. I’m getting dishpan hands.

still unsure of thanksgiving plan. need to discuss with my sister since she doest have extended family. She’d probably be fine but think it would be better to chat about it at least.

Weight n band workout

want to start watching the Undoing on HBO Max heard mixed reviews

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From: scapermom


Today is errand day and that means we pull out those Holiday Planners and review our list and see what things we can get accomplished!!
Review your shopping lists for gifts and see if anything that is on the list can be taken care of while you are on your errand run. Look over your grocery lists for the menus that you have chosen and you can add a few of those items on to your weekly grocery list to stock up ahead of time. Remember to consider other errands for the holidays as well, are there linens that need to be dry cleaned, clothing, coats, etc? Don't forget about the standards to get you through the Holidays as well: toilet paper, toothpaste, napkins, paper towels and plenty of window cleaner LOL! Have to keep those sinks shiny!
Another way to do this is to just place an order and have it shipped to you! This is what I do. 
We are taking babysteps to FLY through the Holidays together! One thing at a time! Have fun!

From: friedchickn


I feel that late ness....

Dd had training at work and left at 6 am.  Dh left at 8 to install the bath hardware...toilet holders and mirrors and such.

I joined him around 9 and started cleaning from one end to the other....I am now exhausted.  But it's clean and my ILs can start moving in.  My FIL has been this will occupy him til the movers come to move the furniture Monday afternoon.  And maybe I can get a friggin break from him.  

Hit the grocery to pick up what I need to start prep cooking.  Unloaded all that and the car full of boxes, trash, cleaning products, etc, etc, etc.

Walked the dog cause he was all fired up....

And now I'm taking a short break before I start cooking.  Of course, the friggin grocery clerk missed a block of cream cheese so I'm short on one recipe....but I'll prep the best I can today and deal with that tomorrow.

Yoga tonight.

Cheese, crackers and a bottle of wine for dinner....aka fend for your damn selves...


From: scapermom


What are you cooking? Holiday prep already? I’m impressed!


From: friedchickn


LOL.....noooooo.  I had cooking assignments for our weekend on the island.  I made 3 lbs of bacon, sausages, a ham and carmelized onion quiche, a warm feta cheese dip and cookies!!!