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Tuesday, November 10th- to do

Started Nov-10 by scapermom; 107 views.

From: scapermom


Today’s doings?

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From: scapermom


Morning tasks a happening. Dog, laundry, kitchen. 
‘DH took off for his birthday. Is heading over by his parents to make them breakfast, and do some fixing for them. 
Some leftover tasks from yesterday include dusting and vacuuming down here as well as trash collecting.

need to remind dd to bring down her dirty laundry. She’s got her full day of classes today too. 
4pm there’s a zoom meeting on health & safety for her school

‘today’s missions 

workout- thinking a walk at home video 


dinner will be take out from DHs favorite bbq place. Wish they had outside seating so we could have it fresh, but this will have to do. 
I’ve got his favorite cake (crumb) for dessert.



From: friedchickn


Happy Birthday to your dh!!!!


From: friedchickn


Yesterday was just a 3 ring #### show....seriously.  Movers, electricians, the plumber and even an excavator got delivered!!!  And my FIL....I've noticed lately that when he gets overwhelmed he starts really losing it mentally....and he gets frustrated and then angry.  Oh joy.  

When I got there yesterday....he's all pissy with me because he thought we were coming this weekend to help him move the small stuff.  I KNOW I never said anything of the sort cause we've had that trip to the island booked for a couple months.  I do KNOW that I said we'd help him on Monday...and I do KNOW that he kept asking to be able to get into the new a rabid dog...asking and asking and asking....and I said he could.  Somehow he linked that all into us being there to move the small stuff this weekend.  Nope.  Not owning that one.

I have 2 car loads of random (trash, I'm going with trash) that I was told was ours.  I need to start dealing with that today so we can have our cars back.  I unloaded mine yesterday into the garage cause among the "trash" was the power cord for their I had to find that last night....which thankfully i did.

Workout at 1.  Yoga at 5.

I'm treating myself.....trying to schedule a full groom for the dog.

piano practice

We need a farm stand stop.  And a short list of groceries.  I've got this week's chicken in the sous vide.

I want to finish the linens today.  

lunch is leftovers.  dd has dinner duty...I'll have gnocchi and brussels prepped to go.

If I can find the time....

I have 2 plants that need repotting.

Coat of paint on the bathroom shelf

Trip to the bank for cash

Trip to walgreens for allergy meds

We had to tell dd last night about the condo search....little bugger was making plans to rent a room with a co-worker....sigh.  She was THRILLED.


From: scapermom


Zone 2: Mission #2 Tuesday
Dear Friends, Your Mission for today is to fling your way through at least one shelf of your pantry. We all seem to have items in our pantry that we will not use, that we keep shoving to the back because one day we might use them. I know I need to check mine for items I have bought when they are on sale for Thanksgiving. This would be a good time to add the Food items to the list for errand day!
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From: scapermom


Today is Plan and Play Day! Last week I had you work on your meal plans and menus for the holidays. This means for Thanksgiving and whatever other holidays you celebrate. For today you are to add to those plans. 
Do you need specific tablecloths, napkins, center pieces etc.? Not the whole house accessories, just for the meals. Write them down in your holiday planner along with your meal plans and menus. Schedule yourself time to take care of laundering the linens, polishing silver, and getting the serving dishes ready. 
When these things are taken care of before the eve of the holiday itself, it gives us time not to have to stress about getting "it" all done!