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Monday, November 16th - To Do

Started Nov-16 by scapermom; 96 views.

From: scapermom


New week new list?

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From: scapermom


Whipping through those tasks. Lots of leftovers from yesterday that I didn’t get to.
so far I’ve taken care of the dog, even did her bowl. Found out I can’t put bird seed out cos she’ll find it and eat it. 
laundry’s going, stripped bed & replaced towels. Looking like a 2 load day. 
Would like to finish kitchen cleanup & maybe vacuumthen damp mop before heading out to my hair appointment. 
When I get back I’ll do the rest of the weekly home blessing and the leftovers (water plants, order tea, look for the watches my sister is insisting my mom gave me)



might do either a sheet pan or instant pot garlic chicken for dinner. Habit this month is menu planning- finally got on board with it.


From: friedchickn


New week indeed....and it looks pretty bad on that's not a great sign of things to come.

I have to work things around my laser appt in Portland, an appt with a local craftsman to turn our ski chair into a swing and dh's long day of calls.

Just took a pizza dough out of the freezer and set it up to thaw and rise.  I'll make a deep dish pizza when dh is done with his calls tonight.

Started laundry...which consisted mostly of still damp towels and still damp bathing suits from 3 days of hot tubbing.  It's been cold and raw.

It's week money, bills, receipts and emails.  Dh just came back from the I'm sure that's a pile that needs my attention.

walgreens challenge

piano practice

Not sure if I'm going to be able to do a workout today....but in a few minutes I'll at least get a ROMWOD that's something.

Water the plants

and try and find that darn x-mas binder....


From: scapermom


Zone 3: Mission #1 Monday
Dear Friends,This is one of my favorite missions! This is what I will be doing tomorrow morning! For those of you that are gearing up for a holiday this month, this is a great way to kick off getting the bathroom ready!Your mission for today is to check the supplies that are needed in your bathroom. Do you need toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, mouthwash, soap etc. Add these to your shopping list this week. Take a visual inventory to make sure you have what you need so one of your family members are not stuck in the bathroom yelling for toilet paper!
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From: scapermom


Your Holiday Mission for today is to Clean and Fling!!! 
If you have been following our Holiday Cruising Plan then you know today is Clean and Fling day! This means as you are doing your Weekly Home Blessing, you are to fling as you go. As you find yourself in each room, have a little bag with you (the plastic grocery bags are fine) and when you see something that needs to be tossed, TOSS IT!! 
?Don't skip it and think you will get back to it, simply grab it and toss it in your bag. This means anything that is trash! There are always things laying around that need to be tossed but we are so used to seeing them around we don't think to toss them. We are going to be decluttered and soaring through the holidays!!