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Tuesday November 17th to do

Started Nov-17 by scapermom; 73 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list for today?

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From: scapermom


Been spending time crafting several grocery lists. I’ve got my day to day, what I need for this weeks meals, Thanksgiving & stocking up ‘in case’. All while trying to keep to a budget. Also several stores are in the mix. Want to get to one store today at least.
laundry’s going, dogs done, kitchen in progress. Went over downstairs bathroom.

still have the tea order to do & find the watches from yesterday’s list

have a workout lined up I want to try. Can’t forget Fafsa.

better log my next hair appointment or I’ll forget 


taco stuffed sweet potatoes for dinner (trying to use those CSA veggies)


From: friedchickn


Went and took a nice walk with my friend and then we had a clandestine coffee/snack at the library.  Library is probably closing and will only be doing curbside pickup again....fine by me, gives me a place to hide.  LOL.

Working out in a bit....ugghhh.  Not really feeling it.  Yoga tonight at 5.  Probably won't eb able to squeeze in a romwod, which is ok.

Piano practice

yesterday's laundry to fold and put away.

Dishwasher filter needs cleaning.....ewww.  so not my fav job.

walgreens challenge

dog claws and bowls.  cat claws too

walgreens challenge

need to figure out something for dinner, might require a quick trip to the grocery ....and if I have to do that....I'll stock up on dried beans, cause covid.

and i need to call the propane company again....they mischarged me....sigh....