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Saturday, November 21st -to do

Started Nov-21 by scapermom; 68 views.

From: scapermom


Up for a weekend list?


From: friedchickn


Absolutely. Now that I’m home on the weekends I end up with a pretty hefty weekend list.

Cat litter and dump run

Toilets, sinks and the vacuuming I never got to yesterday.

Sour dough discard.

piano practice and a Romwod to flex my knee a bit.

Farmer’s market is 10-12....wanna go see what they’ve got.

dd scored a leather futon on marketplace so I’m gonna go help her grab it. Looked pretty good in the pictures and it’ll double as a guest bed.

and Dh just ran down to a food truck and picked up fresh hot apple cider donuts. OMG.....I might need an insulin shot!!!!

finished the wall last I want to get those mosaic signs hung (and off the dining room table). I mean...thanksgiving is next week...time to get my #### together 


From: scapermom


Just getting back here. DH & I did an early & long dog walk. Weather is beautiful- low to mid 60s.

made one Costco shopping list. I really hate going on the weekend but one of their sales ends tomorrow & I want that Kerry gold butter & cittern prosciutto for thanksgiving! 
Got word the CSA is done for the season here, so I’m on my own for thanksgiving veggies. Now what to make? Inlaws can’t chew so good so it needs to be mushy. 
need to get to the library for a book return. May hit Target while I’m over there. 
have to give dog her meds.

vacuuming and missions if there are any? Otherwise focus on dining room and kitchen.

need to start making room for turkey in fridge. Tonight doing Italian beef in th instant pot. It’s small so hopefully no leftovers.