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Sunday, November 22- to do?

Started Nov-22 by scapermom; 73 views.

From: scapermom


What is going on today?


From: friedchickn


Sourdough waffles and farm fresh bacon from the farmer's market yesterday.

Then dd and I ran out to get a free coffee table for her new place.

Did the cat litter and gathered all the trash and stuff.  Dump run done.

Doing a few management things for the rental and catching up on the giant ball of paperwork that's growing on my desk.

After....gonna unload the dishwasher.  Fix my face mask.  And investigate how I'm going to add elastic to a bunch of dd's scrub pants.  

Found my thanksgiving dinner forms from years past.  Need to update for this year's menu and then adjust the grocery list.  I got a bunch of obvious shelf stable stuff the other I'll need to see what I still need to get.

Tonight...going to see Hillbilly Elegy with a few friends.  One of my friends is pretty paranoid about Covid so we rented the theater...think there will be 6 of us total.  I'm just happy to be getting out.

Finally hung the mosaic trail signs I had made!!!  So thrilled.  And I moved my puzzle up to my desk....but it doesn't really I'll need to figure something bad I just threw out ALL the cardboard.  Sigh.  Anyways....the table is now ready for thanksgiving....

Dh spent all yesterday putting shelving in the today he's decided to clean and reorganize the for me.


From: scapermom


Just getting back here. Early dog walk. Getting more and more overcast here. 

Spent time this morning finalizing menu and shopping list for thanksgiving. I also planned out what I’ll do each day to get us there.

made a cauliflower casserole for lunch today to use up some of the giant head from the last CSA delivery. Working on clearing enough space to put the turkey in the fridge tonight.

also working on decluttering the dining room. So the 5 of us can eat in there spaced out on Thursday 
found out DHs aunt & uncle were exposed to Covid in a dentist office, so are now in quarantine. They would have been thanksgiving guests in a normal year.

now my knee and shin are bothering me, so taking it easy. Just did some old school floor exercises.

Dinner tonight is takeout from a favorite Italian place. Gluten free baked ziti for me!