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Thursday, November 26th - to do

Started Nov-26 by scapermom; 84 views.

From: scapermom


Happy Thanksgiving list

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From: scapermom


Calm before the storm. 
last minute cleanup session, then I’ll finish putting dishes together and turkey goes in the roaster at 11. Expecting the inlaws around 2.


appetizers- small cheese and meat platter

main - turkey 

sides: mashed white potatoes

candied sweet potatoes 

Brussel sprouts with butter

green Beans with mushrooms 

cheddar biscuit stuffing 

‘orange cranberry sauce 


mother in law is bringing stuffed mushrooms and corn bread

brother in law is bringing Chinese food since he doesn’t eat turkey etc.

desserts include sugar free apple pie made by sister in law, apple crumb, pear crostini and gluten free cookies 

think we have enough? Oy!


From: friedchickn


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

dd left before 4 am...freezing rain overnight and she was worried she wouldn't make her shift and didn't want to have to drive faster than she was comfortable.  I STRESSED. Woke up at 4 and tracked her progress until she got to work.

Dh went snowboarding and then came home to help with the prep cooking.

So tomorrow's menu: 

starter: meats, cheeses, crackers, stuffed dates and marinated mozzarella balls

the big bird!!!

mashed potatoes

sausage stuffing

a squash rice casserole thing....really good, tried it a couple weeks's got squash, brown rice, black rice, cranberries, parm cheese and walnuts with fresh thyme.

green bean casserole....I make mine with velveeta and carmelized crispy onions.

gravy, of course.

and for dessert this year....the PIECAKEN.  

Did the hour long Thursday ROMWOD and took the dog for a long walk.  I'm on load number 3 of laundry....doing dd's, which she never got to, cause I'm a sap.

And finished another pair of scrubs.

Now I think dh and I will watch a movie.

Dinner tonight....chourico, peppers, carmelized onion and cojita quiche!  It's all prepped and just needs to go in....

So....prep cooking wasn't bad.  Everything but the bird is ready for it's appointed time slot.


From: scapermom


Sounds delish! Good luck today. The prep really helps.