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Friday, December 25th - To Do

Started Dec-25 by scapermom; 68 views.
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From: scapermom


Merry Christmas! 
not a creature was stirring here. Looks like we at least didnt lose power in last nights storm. Did a perimeter check and fence also looks ok. Still raining/pouring but there’s only so long the dog can hold it.

since it’s Christmas Day I’m only doing the bare minimum today. This includes kitchen duties and disinfecting. 
I usually make a breakfast casserole, so I’ll do that now. This one will be modified to what I have on hand.
‘turkey was still frozen solid last night so need a backup plan stat. Sister In law dropped off a tray of spaghetti with crab legs last night and I have a charcuterie box I got from Costco. Add some wine and I’m good.