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Wednesday, February 3rd - To Do

Started Feb-3 by scapermom; 89 views.

From: friedchickn


How is it already Wednesday?

Made myself banana bread french toast...dh is skiing and I'll make his when he gets home. Plenty of leftovers in the fridge for lunch and dinner out since it's that'll be the last thing I cook today!!!!  Yeah me.

Hot tub needs testing...discovered that last night.  Think I'll clean it's cell too.  It's probably time.

Workout, romwod, plank and GHD

piano practice

cat litter and maybe a dump run

15 min of taxes...I'm stuck on rental income....thought i was doing a good job of keeping track and apparently i need to do better.

Read 1 chapter of my book

My car left a small puddle of yellow....sigh....have a call into the mechanic.  Can't schedule a haircut til that gets resolved....and quite frankly....we figure out what we are doing with GG...

And one of my coffee ladies has a birthday Friday so we all agreed to get something small for tomorrow....and I have ZERO ideas

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From: scapermom


Late getting moving this morning. But have started the morning routine rolling- dog out & fed, then out again, laundry’s started, kitchen started. Back to one load a day at least. 

DH has to bid for his new shift this morning- so days off could change depending what he gets. We’ll see shortly. Ok back to Friday & Saturday off - more normal. If he does a double and switches with someone that gives him another day off. 

‘DD’s been checking in morning and bedtime, also been FaceTimeing once a day. Roommates all moved in and so far so good. Classes at same time or trying to work while other is in class won’t be ideal. Next she needs to find spaces that can be used so she gets out of that room. I don’t know if library is open and she hasn’t found the lounge area yet. They should be building igloos up there with all the snow!

4 mins workouts, flights & maybe a plank?

it’s Wednesday so bills & filing etc tbd.

dog walk

need dog food -literally scraping bottom of barrel- so that means Costco. Should make a list if I’m going anyway.

while out I’ll swing by township to drop taxes in box if they’re open.

the fly mission?

took chicken out of freezer- thinking chicken & broccoli stir fry



From: scapermom


Probably would be better all pooling together and get her something like a facial or massage at a local place? Or restaurant gift card? Book? Depending on what she’s into.


From: friedchickn


That would have been smart....but it sounded like everyone except one (and me) had something already....

It's fine.  I settled on a nice bottle of wine and dh is gonna ghost write me a nice note about friendship (he's a much better writer than I am)