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Wednesday, February 10th - To Do

Started Feb-10 by scapermom; 51 views.
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From: scapermom


I’ve been trying to make my list for hours. DH can be such a distraction. He’s off work today so for him it’s the weekend. 
going to make him a shopping list so he gets out of here for a bit and I’ll be able to get stuff done. 
he’s also got to have the tv on like non stop. I only put it on if I’m actually watching something. Sigh so I watched the end of some old movie this morning instead of doing my tasks.

dog’s done. WE’ll walk her in a bit. ‘laundry’s finishing up in the dryer. Kitchen clean tbd - he did make me a nice breakfast.

It’s Wednesday, so I’ll do bills, file, etc. really need to go through receipts. Should probably start prepping for taxes. Everything’s online now and needs to be printed I guess. My printer sucks so not looking forward to any of it. Perhaps I can send all the needed docs electronically to the accountant? I’ll have to check into it.

Today’s mission and declutter 15 mins. 
arm & 4 min workout. Bike for 10. 
Have steaks defrosting for dinner. Our only sunny day this week calls for a bbq in the snow!