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Monday, February 15th - To Do

Started Feb-15 by scapermom; 62 views.

From: scapermom


President’s Day list?

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From: scapermom


Morning underway- dog done, laundry going, kitchen started 

it’s Monday so weekly home blessing day - bed stripped, dusted a bit, kitchen & bathroom linens changed out.

texting with dd- summer class sign up started. Found and sent her the instructions for reserving equipment in the gym. Everything is an extra pain in the ass with covid. She couldn’t get into the library last night, after searching online found she needed to swipe her ID only on certain doors. Should be signage instead of having to look online while outside freezing. I think the biggest problem is the freshman havent really been oriented to campus - got there after classes started, it’s snowing and freezing, no time to acclimate. Dd is lucky her dorm is centrally located to one dining hall and classes.

ok back to my day  - 11am FlyLady show will help finish whb 

easy yoga session later

dog walk later 

been making a list of next care package for Dd 

my sisters surgery went well. Waiting on results of node tests. They’ll release her when she drains a certain amount of fluid or something. My brother in law has an ancient cell phone and cannot text, makes getting updates difficult.
‘expecting snow/ice this afternoon into tomorrow. May mess with DHs commute, we’ll see. He may be able to do the class remotely.

Think chicken fried cauliflower rice is on the menu for dinner tonight. Need to use up some of that giant head.


From: friedchickn


I'm so glad her surgery went well.  Fingers crossed!!!


From: friedchickn


Starting the day off with a bang....peeing fridge at the ILs.  That was 2 hours of my life I won't be getting back.  Hopefully it's corrected and I can move on...if not...I at least know what the problem is and can communicate that to a repair guy...instead of "peeing" fridge.

Breakfast was leftovers, kitchen has been cleaned and laundry started.

Gonna start my usual Monday list next. Bills, receipts, emails, week money, water the plants and change linens.

Plenty of stuff for lunch.  Pulled my sour dough starter out...gonna make a meaty cheesy loaf for dinner....thinking buffalo chicken with blue cheese.

Workout, romwod, GHD and plank.  Piano practice.

If I have time...15 min on the taxes and 1 chapter of American Dirt....I'm so close to being done.  And I'm eager to start back on Entitled and finish that.