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Thursday, February 18th - To Do

Started Feb-18 by scapermom; 53 views.

From: scapermom


What’s on the list?

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From: scapermom


So DH is doing his 737 or whatever class from home due to the weather. He’s taken over DD’s old classroom space. Good thing I didn’t convert it to my craft room yet. Won’t see him until his lunch break. This means I should plan something or at least have suggestions for lunch I guess.

dd is starting her first class from the basement lounge in the dorm so as not to disturb her sleeping roommate who has been staying out late every night (doing what we can’t fathom- but if she gets my Dd sick, she’ll be suffering with more than Covid!)

have morning stuff under way. Dog’s done, laundry started, kitchen tbd. 
have bills from yesterday to get to. Spent too much time tackling the cleanup in the office. But at least it’s clean-ish in ther now.

15 mins decluttering- having hard time finding more spots so it’s really helpful. 

Arm workout & maybe some stationary bike or walk at home video 

im sure I’ll spend more time cleaning snow off the back steps so dog doesn’t tromp it inside.

thinking a clean out the produce drawer soup for dinner (though unsure I’ll get delivery of misfits box with the weather) 


From: friedchickn


Much needed morning coffee with my ladies.  Soooo needed.

Dh is a happy camper...just got notice that the boat loan is approved and that they only want 10% down.  Excellent.  A definite step in the right direction.

Trying to help dd do her taxes via text....sigh.  It's going about as well as you'd expect.

Rest day no crossfit.  Just the long romwod and a plank.

piano practice


taxes for 15 min

1 chapter...or 15 minutes of Entitled

The stupid dog bowls and more grumpy goat calls.

Leftovers for dinner...cause the fridge needs room.

So....a light day?  Could it be?


From: friedchickn


I'd imagine the roommate is doing what most kids do when they get freedom for the first time in their lives....