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Saturday, February 20th - To Do

Started Feb-20 by scapermom; 69 views.

From: friedchickn


Ah....weekends.  Calmer yet not so calmer.  LOL.

Dh tried to go snowboarding this all the way to the lifts and realized he forgot his bindings...whoops.  So he came home and I made him breakfast and now he's off riding his fat bike instead.

We had soooo much fun last night at dinner.  Missed my friends ridiculously and didn't realize just how much.  Tons of fun...can't wait for boating season to come back.

I've already practiced up I'll put away the 2 loads of folded laundry that are hiding in my closet.  I'll probably do the cat litter too.

Meeting friends for lunch at a brew pub about an hour from here...I'm assuming that'll be the end of any whatever needs doing has to get done now.

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From: scapermom


Dog taken care of. DH made us both a nice breakfast. I’ll clean up.

then start laundry.
Have to finish putting DD’s care package together. Then take it to the post office. 

Should be getting the veggie box today. Need to do an inventory of meats and such and put together a meal plan for the week. Grocery list for fill in. 
I’ll read and do an arm and bike workout later

15 mins decluttering 

check in with dd - hoping she made some friends at the dorm get together thing last night.

take out for dinner


From: scapermom


Wow meeting up with friends - there’s a concept! Very jealous. We’re still mostly closed down here. They’re opening slowly very slowly, and everyone is so gun shy at this point, no one wants to get together and be the one to get anyone else sick, you know? 
ive decided I’m going to get beach passes this year (if I can since I’m sure everyone is thinking the same) - it’s something to do outside the home at least. 


From: friedchickn


These particular friends have been hiding since November.  This was there first outing since then.

The brew pub is's very open, big warehouse.  The spacing is more than 6 feet.  We just got tested....I think they felt like they could safely peek outside.

It's hard.  Trying to be respectful of other people's decisions....while still making my own choices.