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Sunday, February 21st - To Do

Started Feb-21 by friedchickn; 45 views.
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From: friedchickn


Slow start today....much needed.  Not sure what I did to my back but it's killing me.  Dh said he'd rub some CBD salve on it when he gets home.....I can't wait.....arrgghhh

He went skiing this morning.  With all his equipment.  LOL.  he's headed back now and is apparently taking my FIL snowshoeing on teh trails behind our house.  Guess I'll throw on a bra.  Sigh.

Cat litter has to get done.  Dump run is somewhat is winter and the garage is near freezing.

Meeting a woman at 12:30 to buy a few fiesta bowls for a steal.  Might give one to dd.

Need to practice my piano

Might go snowshoeing later this afternoon.  Let's see how that back feels.

Big excitement for the day....going to the movies.  It's probably going to be an awful film, but it's nice to get out.  I also won't have to cook dinner....they have pizza and a bar and all the snacks a man could eat.

And I should probably do a load of laundry....


From: scapermom


Again with the making me jealous I cannot remember the last time we went to a movie. Sounds divine! I don’t even know if theaters here are open. I live in the wrong state for many reasons! 
ive heard good things about using cbd for pain.
Thanks again for posting!
It’s Sunday so taking it easy. Slept in a bit.  Did a load of laundry.
some decluttering.
Texted with dd -did I curse the whole thing ? The roommate came home last night saying one of her friends was in quarantine- freaked Dd out with her psycho drama. Still haven’t heard what is up and have stopped asking. Apparently the boy answered yes to one of the daily check survey questions. It seems like they’re being over cautious but I guess it’s needed? At least DD’s spending time outside her room more now. Thoukind of hard to explore campus with snow and cold temps.

‘already did long dogwalk 

next is watering houseplants 

have to do inventory and make the meal plan for the week ahead. DH wants sausage tonight and is willing to bbq in the snow, so works for me!

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