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Sunday, February 28th-to do

Started Feb-28 by friedchickn; 73 views.
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From: friedchickn


Yesterday was fun and all....but now it's time to get back to work.

Today's list:

Cat litter.  Maybe a dump run....although that looks like it can wait til Wednesday.

Pushing sour dough starter to tomorrow...maybe a meaty cheesy loaf to use up chicken.  We'll see what dh wants.

Piano practice

A full balancing of GG's finances....that's today's big project.  And the most dreaded. I've put it off long enough.

Wash all the great stuff I got shopping yesterday.  Friggin love consignment stores.  Dd and I came out with a car load for less than $175.  I got 2 pairs of tall boots, a pair of booties and a pair of sandals...all new with tags.  2 light weight jackets for spring.  A puffy vest, a cardigan, a cute tank top and 2 cute sweatshirt/pullovers.  Dd's haul was just as impressive.  Did I mention I love thrift stores!!!

Some food prep...cut up some carrots and peppers (dh likes peppers in his scrambles).  Might roast some chick peas.  I'll see what else needs work in there...

And I want to finish Undoing....3 episodes left.


From: scapermom


That’s a great (&thrifty) haul! Plus time we’ll spent with dd!

yes I slept in again - was up well past 1am last night trying to read then couldn’t fall asleep so took melatonin. So slept til 8:45 - late for me. 
don’t know what’s up with the dog lately, usually she’s racing me down the stairs, but last couple of days she’s been staying up there by herself on the landing. DH said he thinks she’s waiting for Dd to come down. 
whatever it is she must have an iron bladder .

So I’ve been wasting time this morning looking up einkorn flour and trying to figure out if it’s something I can have or not.  May just have to try it and see. 
On the list today is figuring out how to return the old cable modem now that we installed the new one they sent us unsolicited.

Dog needs her meds, also should do her bowls.

‘A little tax worksheet fun.

May make a small batch of oatmeal cookies for DH. Speaking of need to remind him to find his own medical card- or get/print him a new one.

taking an exercise break today. Supposed to rain all day, so no dog walk either. 
Need to plan/find recipes for how to use all the veg I now have. Purple kale? Sometime with misfits box I think they either make mistakes or just throw in what they have extra of. 

Today there are plenty of leftovers to consume. Think I’ll make the Swiss chard with diced tomato so DH can have it over pasta (I’ll have the hearts of palm stuff) for sides with whatever leftovers we want (choice of roast beef, chicken drumsticks or thighs, salmon or scallops)

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