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Saturday, March 6th - Weekend To Do

Started Mar-6 by scapermom; 86 views.

From: scapermom


Are you listing today?

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From: scapermom


Lazy weekend morning. I got to sleep in - woke up around 6 but was able to fall back asleep.

‘Morning routine tbd 

Clean dog bowls, the one outside has unfrozen so I should clean that out before she uses it too. 
I’ll try getting an appointment for my sister today again. 
‘Should do an inventory of meats etc and make meal plan/grocery list. Misfits box is coming today again. So I’ll unload that when it does. 
Some decluttering and vacuum rooms I didn’t get to.

10 mins on the bike and short plank.

Dog walk at the high temp point in the day

DD has her 1st radio shift today. Have to see if we can listen online somewhere 

Dinner: Took out chicken thighs from freezer - if they’re not defrosted we’ll have burgers or take out


From: friedchickn


I didn't....but I will.

Went to North Conway, it's where BL lives...but no, I didn't meet up with her.  Hit a bunch of stores and got piles of stuff we need.

Late lunch and a long drive back.

Came home....and dug through the garage attic and the garage for all the boat stuff....made a pile for what needed to go back on the boat and what needed to go on the other boat.

Then collapsed in exhaustion....