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Sunday, March 7th - To Do

Started Mar-7 by scapermom; 109 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning underway. Dog’s eating, laundry & kitchen tbd. DH at work.

Zero pitcher needed cleaning so used the remainder to water plants. 
Been soaking tiger nuts to make milk with them, but am going to need fresh filtered water for it.

Want to drop some Arbonne stuff my sister ordered by her later.

Menu plan for the week.

Set up new week in planner

‘Started reading a new book The Other Bennet Sister and it’s like 900 pages, so have my work cut out for me and need to set some time for reading. 
Dog walk later 

Feeling like a yoga session is good for todays exercise

Dinner will be a chicken thighs and cabbage stew (so much cabbage)


From: friedchickn


I feel like I read that book....


From: friedchickn


Set dh up with his portion of the taxes and he's swearing away,...

I'm getting down to business with the baby blanket.

Movie/dinner at 4.

Cat litter at some point

More exhaustion....tomorrow is gonna be a long one...


From: scapermom


It’s basically a fan fic (as the kids say) of Pride and Prejudice’s character Mary Bennet (yeah I didn’t remember her either, which is probably why this book was written) I have a list of all these ‘off shoot’ books to be read re Jane Austin and her novels.