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Monday, May 17th - To Do

Started May-17 by scapermom; 101 views.

From: scapermom


What’s the list to start the week?

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From: scapermom


It’s weekly home blessing day, and boy does this home need it! linens are all switched out and old are in the dryer now. Will probably do at least 1 if not 2 more loads today. I’ve also got 3 more Frakta’s to tackle, once Dd unloads them. 

Speaking of, Dd got herself up and fed, and is now in class up in the ‘remote school’ room til 5. I’m sure there will be breaks. 
Once I finish with 1st round of kitchen & emails, I’ll do the Walk 15 video that just popped up on YouTube.

then should be time for live Flylady 2 minute house blessing game. 
Need to do meal planning and water indoor plants.
Have to order ink so I can print label and mail back the book Dd rented. Should look into selling back the books she bought as well. 
dog walk later (she got 2 yesterday)

took out chicken for dinner, or if it doesn’t defrost in time there’s leftover sausage & tortellini we can finish. DH bought broccoli rabe that I should  make for a veggie side before it rots.


From: friedchickn


Start the week with a call from the lawyer....sigh.  I can't even....

Waiting to hear if they're loading the boat....please, pretty please.

Other than's just a Monday folks.  I've got laundry started....a ton from this weekend.  Also going to continue cleaning and packing away winter gear.

Bills, emails and receipts.....OH MY.

piano practice....think I'm going to have to push this week's lesson...I have done squat.

Workout later, romwod, plank and some GHD.  My yoga lady is all vaxed and bold she's starting yoga lessons again this week.  So excited....already reserved my spot for Tuesday and Thursday.

week money, water plants and 1 chapter.

Dinner....grilled steak tips on salad. (Proud I have a dinner