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Tuesday, August 24th - To Do

Started Aug-24 by scapermom; 117 views.
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From: scapermom


Morning routine mostly done. Just waiting on dryer to finish.

have Todays bedroom fly mission 

too hot for dog walk today so I’ll do a walk at home video & add a plank 

have to see if Arbonne is still carrying their primer. Sister wants to order for her friend. I should put in an order for myself while I’m at it.

have a few piles of papers to go through 

need to check food inventory to see what else I need. I don’t think there’s any fish in freezer. Used my last onion last night, and only a few cloves of garlic remaining. But could get more in the next CSA box, so I’ll wait to shop til after box comes Thursday and use powered instead.

dd just texted that one of the 2 washers for her whole building doesn’t turn on. She put in a service request, but I can’t believe there are only 2 machines for all those people! Ridiculous! Of course the only working one is being used. She doesn’t have class til 1 so wanted to get some chores done…oh well. 

only me for dinner, so leftovers and wine 


From: friedchickn


Just getting on here.

Breakfast with my friend.  Then closing on the building for the restaurant.  

Took the dog for a long hot walk....he'll sleep the rest of the day, yeah me!!!!

I have some paperwork to file. Calendar reminders to set.

Dog bowls to clean.  Still haven't dealt with the sliding doors, lol.

There will be a workout...just not sure when.  A plank and some GHD

Dinner...gnocchi with spinach and chicken

Clip cat claws

and pack for a night in Portland, with dog...cause we leave early tomorrow for dh's eye surgery.

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maybe some piano...


From: friedchickn


leftovers and wine sounds delightful!!!!