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Tuesday, September 21st - To Do

Started Sep-21 by scapermom; 190 views.

From: scapermom


And I’m back… crazy morning, but getting stuff done at least. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to work on my nighttime routine and basically shut everything off, take melatonin or something and just go to sleep at a decent hour. I’ve been pushing past the time I’m tired/nodding off which is terrible.
Had to talk Dd through a laundry mishap, but she got it sorted.
I was able to get my morning tasks done and did 10 mins or so on the bike while watching YouTube, then arms & legs with weights. Also a short full plank.
Need to vacuum upstairs but may go sit in the sun for 10 mins to get some needed vitamin D
Started going through some drawers yesterday and will try to get to one or 2 more today. I’m on a mission to find some craft supplies I know I have them. I’m having fun planning and making the care packages for Dd. My next one is going to be Halloween themed.
Have to call my sister to see how she made out with her dental calls yesterday. She lost a tooth.
Tonight I’m on my own since DH is working a double. I’ve got leftovers to eat.
Also bachelor in Paradise to watch!

From: friedchickn


Ohhhh how I'd love a night to myself to eat what I want and watch what I want.  Enjoy!!!


From: scapermom


I do appreciate it. I may lose it though with this new schedule he has he was thinking of not doing any doubles. We shall see.