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Thursday, September 23rd - To Do

Started Sep-23 by scapermom; 138 views.

From: scapermom


What’s happening today?

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From: scapermom


Morning underway. Dd just checked in via FaceTime. Trying not to let the state of her room set me off…

dogs done, dh took care of 1st kitchen pass and made breakfast, laundry tbd.

will do 10 on the bike, and 10 min workout 

leftovers from yesterday include bills

got the CSA bag last night so need to unpack, clean, store & figure out how I’ll use it

may send dh to store for a few items

dog walk after the rain

no dinner plan, need to look in my freezer 


From: friedchickn


Yesterday felt so much like a Thursday that I'm in a weird limbo today.  LOL.  Didn't help that I slept like crap.

Breakfast is done, kitchen cleaned up...even started a load of laundry.  It's a small load but then I'll have all my options for this weekend.

Sourdough starter is warming on the counter.  Looking like a basil pepperoni loaf....

piano practice

a long dog walk if the weather holds and yoga class tonight.  I'm horrendously sore, so I'm hoping one or the other helps.

More of my book

Vac the stairs

and that's about it....I'll probably putter a bit and line a few things up for next week...