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Friday, Sep 24th-to do

Started Sep-24 by friedchickn; 152 views.
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From: friedchickn


It's overcast and windy.  Supposed to be a cold rainy I'm super glad I have a new book.  Plan to spend some quality time just sitting and reading.

Got up super early cause I wanted to enjoy the house all by myself.  So as soon as I heard dh leave...I snuck downstairs and made myself coffee.

Dh just headed to the PO and I sent him with the latest stack of mail to be sent.

He already did the cat litter and changed the water filter.

I need to practice piano and pack for the boat.

Might slip in a workout.  Might not.  I'm pretty sore, so I might just give myself a pass.

We're not leaving here til 3 at the earliest, so I'll probably end up working out.  LOL


From: scapermom


 A little off kilter today… did this week fly or is it just me? Speaking of flys I saw some of those dreaded spotted lantern flys while on dog walk yesterday. I tried to stomp on them as recommended but they freaking jump? Have they invaded your area yet? 
Got up and showered, came downstairs and DH already left to take his mom for her 1st appointment and then shopping and 2nd appointment this afternoon (multiple doctors) 

also early morning FaceTime check in from  Dd 

I managed to fit in 10 mins on the bike, but nothing else yet. May do some arm work when done here.
Also put up a wash and fed the dog. Her bowls need attention.

Ton of emails to go through.

once laundry’s done I want to head to dollar store for some Halloween themed things for DD’s next box. 
dog walk later
DH starts back to work tomorrow so I’ll prep some overnight oats and maybe an egg casserole ? 

thinking burgers for an easy dinner tonight. I got a 2 kinds of lettuce in this weeks box, so I’ll either wrap mine or just throw the burger on top of it. Have to see if I’ve got any pretzel buns left in freezer for DH.


From: friedchickn

Sep-24 spotted lantern flys here.  Sound gross...