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Tuesday, September 28th - To Do

Started Sep-28 by scapermom; 136 views.
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From: scapermom


Getting morning tasks done. Kitchen needs more work. But first coffee.

spent only a minute outside and ankles got bit!

I’ll spend 10 mins on the bike this morning and maybe do a walk at home video later

have vacuuming to do upstairs along with decluttering 

was thinking of a Target run

need to figure out a plan for DD’s fall break, she wants us to visit. Going to look into air b&b or whatever that allows dogs - is that a thing? 

Leftovers for dinner tonight since it’s just me. Going to portion out and freeze some soup for DH to bring to his parents on Friday.

‘Bachelor in Paradise is on! Maybe I’ll get to read some too?


From: friedchickn


Just getting on here...been deep diving into grease interceptors.  Sounds like fun, right?

Hot tub needed a pH adjustment...started that yesterday...added a bit more today.  Might have to add more.....I'll wait and see.

Folded laundry and paid a few bills.

I've got today's yoga at 5.

Piano practice

dog bowls

read a chapter

Update and send out the new lease for the rental

Dinner is all set....picked up that Chicken Pot Pie phew...there's that.