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Monday, October 11th - To Do

Started Oct-11 by scapermom; 105 views.

From: friedchickn


Noone else had today we stayed late at the dock yesterday and then packed a bunch of boat stuff and came home.  It was nice to have a hot shower and sleep in my own bed.

Been a busy bee this morning...feel like it's a found day since I'd still be at the boat partying it up....LOL.

Unpacked all the stuff we brought home from the boat and organized the area in the attic where it's all gonna live for the winter.

Working on 2nd load of laundry.  unloaded the dishwasher.  Washed all the boat ware.  Cleaned out my email.  Mailed 2 forms to the doctor's for my surgery.  And distributed week money.

I'd like to unpack/sort through the 2 bins of GG's stuff we brought back on Thursday...and then call it a day well done. meatloaves and mashed potatoes.  I'll make some carrot sticks or a side salad to go with.

Dh is happy out in the garage working on his bike.