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Friday, October 15th - To Do

Started Oct-15 by scapermom; 157 views.
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From: scapermom


Slept in, since I stayed up late last night chatting and watching movies with DD. She’s still sleeping, though i heard her alarm. Dh went out for some car parts, think he said oil filter but I don’t know tuned it out…lol

Dogs been out & fed, laundry’s going, dh took care of his kitchen mess.

Once DD is up and ready we’ll head to the mall. She needs an outfit for the family wedding we’re all going to in early November. So do I but I’ll look on my own next week.

Didnt realize we were out of eggs. Should see if dh can stop & pick up while he’s out or we’ll stop on the way back from mall later & make due with smoothies this morning.

paper clutter project. There;s always a pile somewhere

today’s mission

Dinner will be DDs choice 


From: friedchickn


Lol.  Easy?  What's that?

Although I did have a very peaceful and productive day I'll quit bitching.

Dh got bonus.  So I'm going to pay the bills for the next 2 pay periods...which should allow me some time after surgery just in case I'm daft on drugs.


Pack for boat

cat litter

And basically leave....

Last weekend on the boat.  Supposed to rain tomorrow (I'll bring a book) and be sunny on Sunday (wetsuit for the jet ski)


From: friedchickn


You must be sooooo thrilled she's home.


From: scapermom


Lol trying to manifest the easy part… enjoy the last boat weekend!