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Monday, October 18th-to do

Started Oct-18 by friedchickn; 140 views.
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From: friedchickn


Not gonna lie...I'm all angsty about surgery on Wednesday.  Not so much the surgery...but the recovery and how everything will still all get done.  The answer is that it won't, of course.  But what do I let slide...what do I push to get done?  Sigh.

And today is jam packed....soooooo

Need to leave here shortly to go get bloodwork and a covid test.  

Should get back in time for my piano lesson.

And tonight we are taking my FIl for a birthday dinner.  His birthday is Wednesday and he's not the kind of person who could handle his birthday being missed, even if I am having surgery that day.  I'm not telling him about the it's not entirely his fault.  But it also wouldn't make a difference.  

In the spaces in between...

week money, bills, emails and receipts

cat litter ALL the boat laundry and ideally I'd start vacuum packing it too.  LOL.  Sure.

water the plants 

and feed the sour dough starter.



From: scapermom


Good morning! Getting back to the grind here.

DDs back at school, we dropped her off at a bus an hour north of us last night - it of course was late arriving, but thankfully it got her back to campus safely & early.

Ok, so weekly home blessing has begun. Sheets are off the beds, towels & table linens refreshed, island and table sanitized. Need to put away clean dishes & glasses - I think everyone I have has been used this weekend…

TBD - Laundry (sheets and maybe another load), 10 on the bike, emails, take inventory & figure out a meal plan for the week, make Misfit Market order, WHB tasks at 11 with flylady

may need a run to atm so I can pay for my hair cut/color tomorrow.

Dog walk later with DH

Easy dinner, skillet beef with veggies. I’ll also look up some recipes for rutabaga since I’ve got 2 giant ones to use up. 


From: scapermom


Yeah, you’re gonna need to take a few days off at least to rest up & heal. That’s most important! Hopefully they give you good drugs that help you relax and not care about doing anything…


From: friedchickn


LOL....they are so stingy with the drugs lately.  Like they've gone full swing in the other direction.

Thankfully I have a few leftovers that I'll happily take if I need to.  And I'm gonna ask for some.  Cause you don't get what you don't ask for...