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Tuesday, Oct 19th- to do

Started Oct-19 by friedchickn; 164 views.
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From: friedchickn


Could.  Not.  Sleep.

I can distract myself durning the day.  And I had plenty to do that with yesterday.  But last night...nope.  Not a chance.  So now I'm dead on exhausted.

Breakfast is done.  Pulled a 1/2 dozen tiny containers out of the freezer to make a hash.  Should be enough for tomorrow too...well for dh.  I'm not allowed to eat.

Leaving in a bit for my dentist appt.  I'm hoping that this cool little bakery market is open on the way back.  I'll grab some yummies that are easy to prep for dh.  they had teh most wonderful hand pies last time.

Then it's laundry...lots of laundry.

And I'm setting up the guest room for me.  It's on the bottom I'd have a tv, a couch, a bathroom and access to the lower deck chairs in case I want to read/lie outside for fresh air.  

Dinner tonight...chicken pot pie.


From: scapermom


Friedchicken takeover week! 
running so behind here… have to run to my hair appointment in a few

Did my morning basics, made a grocery list. ordered vitamins.

plan is to go to store after my appointment

Garage door cable snapped on DH this morning, so I can’t use it.  He says he’ll fix it tomorrow afternoon when he’s home. Always something.

Today’s mission and some more paper decluttering

Going to make a vat of veggie soup with some of the giant cabbage I got from the CSA for dinner.


From: scapermom


Good luck and speedy recovery for tomorrow! Sounds like you’re setting yourself up well. 


From: friedchickn


LOL.  I'm just up so damn early ....that'll stop soon.