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Wednesday, October 20th - To Do

Started Oct-20 by scapermom; 103 views.
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From: scapermom


Did my morning routine (laundry, dog, kitchen) and 10 on the bike (which is basically becoming part of the routine now.) I don’t know that it’s doing anything in the way of weight loss, but it’s something at least.

Our dishwasher is in! So DH just left to go get it. He needed a day off (again) so took it. He does have a huge amount of days he hasn’t taken. I’m happy it worked out and he’s getting things done. ALready repaired the garage door too! Now I need to make an appointment for us to get to the notary for some papers that need that.

Going to make an Aldi run for breakfast casserole supplies for DH to bring to the inlaws tomorrow. FIL needs something easy besides cereal (hes diabetic and only has one arm so it’s tough for him to do for himself and my MIL is beat up from her treatments). He also needs soft things due to a lack of teeth. 

Todays Mission & decluttering of paper 

It’s wednesday so bills, filing etc

TOld my sister I’d come visit today but don’t see that happening

Dinner: Shredded BBQ chicken breast with roasted carrot fries (& maybe rutabaga) and salad