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Wednesday, November 3rd - To Do

Started 11/3/21 by scapermom; 83 views.
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From: scapermom


I’m up and here - futzing around with things… morning tasks in progress. Just remembered I loaded but didn’t start the laundry! 
DH has the heat on full blast and it’s annoying me. Well it’s in the 30s out, but still. 
‘it’s Wednesday so bills & such 

also Aldi for a few things and want to check out the advent calendars I’ve heard so much about 

today’s zone mission and havent figured out a meal plan yet

dh is home so I’ll be reminding him of his task list. He’s taking his parents to Long Island for a cousins wake tomorrow 

Survivor tonight


From: friedchickn


Exciting day ahead....not really.  LOL.

Yesterday I did a bit too much, zero nap and I ran out of ALL my steam trying to heat dinner while dh was finishing work.  Like fall asleep in your dinner kinda run out of steam.  So I'm gonna dial it a bit back today.


Dr's appt

Piano practice

Sit on my ass.....