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Saturday, November 6th - to do

Started 11/6/21 by friedchickn; 87 views.
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From: friedchickn


Dh's computer died yesterday.  Hard crash.  he's got it back up and running but it's clear permanent death is he's cleaning up his files and ordering a new one.  The hits just keep coming over here....sigh

Grumpy Goat's house is finally listed.  Posted that over on 40's

And dd's car is officially sold.  

Picked up my cheese and yogurt from the goat farm.

Crushed some candy covered almonds....I figure they'll be a nice yogurt topping or bread pudding add.  Split a 1lb of sesame seeds....for dd and I.  next up...cleaned out the freezer of all my bread tails and I'll make bread crumbs.

It's a putter around kinda day....which is fine with me.

Ordered dd a rose gold "paperclip" style necklace....they're all the rage and I figure I'll hold the ring I got her for xmas til her birthday instead.  Eventually gotta start wrapping...

Dog heartgard

piano practice

Ohhhh, I may have gotten invited to a weekly ladies game luncheon...aka excuse to drink and laugh.  Let's see if the invite fleshes out...but I'm excited to have another social outlet!!!

And maybe a dog walk after lunch.  Poor sucker is not impressed by my  rehab


From: scapermom


Thanks for posting this weekend. I’m got used to not posting from the summer…gotta get back in the groove!

Saturday was mostly getting DD ready for the wedding. She needed eyeliner & a new bra for the dress she wore sunday - she left the one that would have been good up at school. 

Thanks for the heart guard reminder - need to give my pup hers!


From: friedchickn


LOL...I'm now on winter time.  LOL