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Tuesday, December 28th-to do

Started 12/28/21 by friedchickn; 75 views.
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From: friedchickn


Must be weird that I'm the first one up all the time.  LOL.

Today's big excitement....a new mattress.  Delivery is between 1-3....sure.....and of course it's snowing like hell.  Washed my gorgeous new blanket from West Elm....and I'm so excited to put it on.  

So I guess I'll strip the bed and wash the rest of the linens today.  Gonna have to strip it anyway.

Barely did anything on my list yesterday...dh guilted me into a workout before lunch and well, between that and a shower that's basically all I got done.  So a bit of catch up today.

Dinner...need to touch base with dh....either chicken(turkey) mole over rice or....we do something with the single uncooked filet in the fridge.  Whatever we don't do today will just be tomorrow.

Today's letter to clean or organize is N.  I'm at a loss....nightstand? Might as well, new mattress...clean the master?

Workout.  Plank.  GHD.  Maybe a romwod.

Piano practice

Seriously need to read this damn book and get it back to teh library.  I'm very thankful I scored 4 books from teh Little Free Library so the next few don't make me feel guilty

And I'd like to take the dog for a snowshoe hike...he's been cooped up too much.


From: scapermom


Yep it certainly is weird. I think I’m on a virtual vacation or something. Can’t believe I’m sleeping in so much. I must need the sleep? Either way enjoying the break.

I didn’t even finish laundry from yesterday - needed to rehash it this morning… So off my game 

this week’s fly zone is the living room, today’s task is decluttering so I’ll attempt that

Don’t know what the daily christmas clean up task is yet, but when that email comes out I’ll try that

dog walk shortly

need to make a grocery list, leftovers will only last so long

Tons of emails to go through

give my sister a call

work on homes for the christmas presents. Yesterday I got out all the food items and homed them.

Tonight I’m thinking of a chicken & veg stir fry to use up the veg from last week’s mistfits box. That or a veg soup?