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Wednesday, December 29th-to do

Started 12/29/21 by friedchickn; 68 views.

From: friedchickn


Yesterday turned into an impromptu dinner and drinking I'm a little worse for wear.

Cleaning lady is here, early.  But then she'll also be done early and I can sink further into the couch and maybe doze.  Freakin snowblower woke me this morning.

A dump run has to occur.  Cat litter too.

Still haven't made it to the town office for the dog license.  Need to do that.

piano practice.


still sitting on yesterday's dinner there's that.

read another chapter.  I did manage to get several done.  It's a great book...I just haven't had any time.

And today's letter is an O.  I did not get to N yesterday.  BUt I did finish up L and M.  So there's that.  I've also been cleaning up my or two items at a time.


From: scapermom


Guess I’m going to have to start setting an alarm to get up earlier? Maybe after this week… 

Still off my game - left the 2nd batch I did in the dryer this time. Tossed it for a a bit and just took it out & folded/hung what was in there. Started today’s wash. Only doing 1 today I swear

Also put an egg & ham casserole in the oven for DD & my brunch.

DH left to go take his mom to costco/errands

Dog is out scouting for who knows what and getting muddy. She’ll get her walk later this afternoon. Supposed to rain on & off most of the day

Never called my sister yesterday, so I will today

Think I’ll spend 10 minutes on the bike and do some arm work

Today’s wednesday so I’ll do bills and all that goes with that.

Remind DD to deposit the gift checks she got and write thank you’s

Today’s zone mission and both yesterdays & today’s holiday clean up since I somehow missed the emails

Would like to do an ALdi run, for fill in/stock up

Also need to start on doing an inventory so I can do a low spend January challenge 

Hope we finish the last of Christmas Eve & Day leftovers today. But I’m also planning on making a ‘garbage stir fry’ with ground pork and the veggies in the produce bin (cabbage & yellow squash). Plenty of soup left from yesterday too. May portion & freeze that along with some cookies.