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Tuesday, January 4th - To Do

Started Jan-4 by scapermom; 113 views.

From: friedchickn


Well dd is having a covid panic....basically everyone at work has it and she's got the sniffles.  To be fair she's had the sniffles since Thanksgiving...soooo

And she's stressed cause the car insurance quote she got wasn't anywhere close to what the policy actually was.  So yeah....ouch.

Basically she's just having a little meltdown.  Which is just have to pull out of the meltdown.  We all have them.  That's life.

My friend Anne woke up with fever and chills.  She sent her husband to go get a test kit.  That's the 3rd of my friends to succumb to it.'s coming!  I'm not worried.  Suppose I should be...but I'm just not.

Pulled out ground beef and a package of leftover mashed from the freezer to thaw.  Dinner will be mini meatloaves, mashed (I'll liven it up with heavy cream) and some brussels that need using.  I'll roast them in bacon fat and maple they're real healthy.

Also pulled a small package of cookies out of teh freezer last night cause I needed something sweet and dh's oreo's don't do it for me.

Still have 2 items to use from the pantry for this is a gross package of chicken chips.  Dh got them...and doesn't like them.  Sigh.  Wondering if I grind them up...if I can hide a little in the mini meatloaves.  So I'll be conducting that experiment today.

I have a little sewing to do on a few things.  A couple tank tops to make into rags. And I want to embroider my christmas I need to see if I have what I need.

Another load of laundry to fold and put away.  Might handwash some bras.

I signed up for beginner cross country skiing lessons.  I'm kinda a maybe this will help improve the experience.

leftover from MOnday: Clean out emails. read 1 chapter.  find those receipts and pay that tax bill.  Basically a small pile of notes to be taken care of.

Workouts....I have a yoga class tonight....I haven't looked at today's workout so I don't know if I should do both....have to evaluate.

piano practice

dog bowls

and a GG call.

That should do it....

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From: scapermom


Feeling like lots of coffee is going to be needed today. Think i slept good, but maybe not enough? Will have to check the fitbit after it finishes charging. Feeling foggy brained

Its freaking freezing here - dh is worried that pipes will freeze, so I’ve added going around and running water to my list of tasks today. Doing a load of laundry now, so that helps. 

I’d like to do a quick grocery run but dh has me blocked in with the old Toyota so it means car jockeying and heating it up moving it to the street then back again in the freezing temps before heading out with my car and that just sounds like too much to bother with to me right now. Maybe I’ll get DD to do the Toyota warm & move 

If I don’t get to the store,  I’ll sub the veggies I have for salad today (swiss chard & spinach)

Still haven’t finished the calendar update, also the dog bowls 

Today’s missions (still doing holiday cleanup), yesterday was tossing any leftovers, but I saved it for today since tomorrow is garbage pickup and whatever today’s is

We’re also in a new zone - kitchen 

I started sprouting a batch of broccoli seeds last night. I won’t have them for this Sprint’s salads, but they should be ready next week which will prompt me to eat more salads at least. Have to remember to rinse them 2x a day for 3 days then 1x a day until they’re done (7 days ish)

Maybe I’ll start up my aero garden again? I did buy lettuce seeds for that 

Dog walk when it warms up into the 30s later

Do digital coupons for the week

Ive been itching to do the new Yoga with Adrienne sessions, so I’ll try one today

took out chicken for dinner, going to throw it in the slow cooker or instant pot depending when I get to it, with some salsa and shred with a can of chili beans I found, regular and/or cauliflower rice, cheese and avocado


From: scapermom


Yeah covid here is through the roof. My husbands aunt called last night to tell us she & uncle were both sick but doc said it’s flu since they didn’t have fever - which made no sense to me & is this doc a psychic or what - since without a test how do you know. We saw them last on the 26th so I think we’re in the clear ?

DH thinks he’ll be catching it again at work since they’re mostly guys and you know how careful they are… This Brit doc I follow on youtube who’s just a facts guy says that you can get Omni if you’ve had delta & prev versions but you can’t get delta after Omni so hopefully this Omni surge will peter it all out…