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Thursday, January 6th - To Do

Started Jan-6 by scapermom; 103 views.

From: friedchickn


Tried to have a quiet wasn't having it and I think I hurt his feelings cause I didn't want to play fetch.  Sigh.  Dude...let me have my coffee first.

Listed a bunch of picture frames I hate and 2 purses I don't use EVER.  Hopefully they find new homes.  I have a bunch more stuff to list...I'll try to get to it today or tomorrow.

Taking the dog for his toes.

Then stopping over to the kids consignment/charity...Little Bits.  Love the name.  I got a lockbox yesterday so we can all have access.  I'll also put in some time sorting and tagging.  It's a disaster.  

Lunch got canceled...she's sick and the restaurant is closed too.  We'll reschedule when she feels better.  The flu is making it's rounds and the flu shot didn't capture this's wicked.

Not sure what to do about dinner yet.  I started the week so strong...LOL

Workout, piano practice

Call GG....been avoiding it

Dog heartgard

And as always....a steady stream of things to list, log, file or shred.  

Dh has been watching Cobra Kai...the Karate Kid reboot's awful.  So I sit there and catch up on my phone LOL.