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Saturday, January 8th - Weekend To Do

Started Jan-8 by scapermom; 125 views.

From: scapermom


List if you want 

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From: scapermom


Dog’s driving me crazy! Out and in, in and out like 100 times! 
‘Laundry’s going, remembered to put mail and garbage out

trying to go through the grocery circulars for this weeks ‘deals’. Need to do digital coupons . Apparently no one can get chicken around here, so I tried looking for my online source from last year and of course they don’t have it either. Might see if my sister can order from the poultry farm near her.

DH starts his work week tomorrow, so should do some of his work clothes and prep grab and go breakfast and such

want to vacuum upstairs- dog’s shedding fiercely 

Have to give dog her Nexguard 

go through some paper piles/declutter

Drop DD by her friends - they’ll take her back tonight

Steak salads for dinner 


From: friedchickn


I'm back from my cross country lesson...put my gear away, marine shower, started laundry and made a tea.

Dh says he's on his way home to grab me to meet up with some friends at the brewery.  Glad I marine showered...LOL.

Working on next week's schedule/to do list

And I called GG.  GG was in doing exercises but I had a nice long chat with one of his nurses...she hasn't seen hide nor hair from the "whore" since dh emptied the house.  Said she called one day and told GG that she was having some health issues and wouldn't be able to visit anymore.  So I guess that chapter is over.

I want dh to hang the artwork this weekend...and he needs to fix a display table.  But that's about it on the to do it's PARRRRTTTTTYYY.  LOL.


From: scapermom


Is a marine shower anything like a french shower? Lol or like my mom would say a shaka shaka bath? 

Good that woman is gone from GG’s life - unfortunately she’s probably moved on to greener pastures

I need to look at next week’s calendar, and once DD finds out her move in day tomorrow we’ll know how much time she’s got left to get her appointments and stuff she needs, etc to go back.  They did say they will be doing remote classes at least until the 30th, but move in starts the 18th. At least shes in a single so no room mate taking a class the same time 2 feet away. That was insanity. 

I’m on my second load of laundry. I may go for 3 today.

I’ll call my sister this afternoon to put her on the chicken mission. Also going to see if I can add one to my ButcherBox before it ships

Think I’ll start a plank challenge and maybe some band work

Dog walk if there’s a break in the rain - going to be a slushy mess out there that will freeze tonight

Dinner: I took out a container of lentil soup I had frozen along with chicken breasts that I’ll make with mushrooms, zucchini & onions. Family’s choice of noodles, rice or mashed for starch side.

Want to watch the Amazing race from last week that’s on my DVR, maybe some 9-1-1s too?


From: friedchickn


these less polite version is pits, tits and lady bits....


From: friedchickn


Worked out, practiced piano, listed a handful of items, made the cranberry walnut pie I've wanted to make for like a week and have black beans soaking.

Oh and did the cat litter.

Dh just got home and he said the roads are it's leftovers, gummies and movies!!!!