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Monday, January 10th - To Do

Started Jan-10 by scapermom; 78 views.

From: friedchickn


Slept like a stoned baby...LOL.  But the bucket load of popcorn I ate has left me bloated, sigh.  My fingers are like little sausages.

Made biscuits to go with the sausage gravy I picked up at the farm stand.  Damn that woman can cook and it's nice to add some of her stuff to our menu to keep it fresh.

Working out in a bit...I hate working out this early but the rest of the day is pretty packed.

Did bills, receipts, and emails.  weke money and watered plants.

Need to drop the repaired table off.  Then head over to play Boggle with the ladies over lunch.

Piano lesson at 3

Trying to get GG a dentist appointment.  It's a choreographed nightmare.

And then I'll wrap things up around here...