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Friday, January 14th-to do

Started Jan-14 by friedchickn; 102 views.

From: friedchickn


Got a shock this morning....why is there a deposit to our account?  Cause it's the mid month paycheck.  Why is it so damn small? Cause it's January.  RIIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHTTTT

I really shouldn't read emails before I have coffee.

So....I guess I'll do bills.

I'm so sore today that I think I'll skip the workout.  Maybe just do a ROMWOD and a plank.

Mudroom is gross...thanks stupid plow guy who dumps enough sand in our driveway to build a castle.

Setup next week's list

Gonna go spend some time at Little Bits...I have a few tasks and then I guess I'll do some pricing????

Tonight we have dinner plans...


From: scapermom


Think this is my 3rd or 4th attempt to make today’s list…

Morning done-ish - laundry’s waiting to come out of the dryer and be delt with

Just did a short yoga session, want to do weights in a bit, also trying to do 250 steps an hour

DH & DD went to visit the inlaws and take MIL to an appointment/errands

want to do some more ipad research and then pull the trigger - why are there so many versions now?

Today’s mission

May order a few new containers to grow veggies in next season, mine are shot

dog walk later 

Forgot I took steak tips out to defrost the other night, so need to make them tonight - thinking something in the instant pot or stir fry with veggies