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Wednesday, January 19th - To Do

Started Jan-19 by scapermom; 94 views.
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From: scapermom


Slowly moving along the morning. Think I slept good but not enough. DH getting home from work at 11 really puts off my sleep schedule. I don’t know how he turns around and goes back at 4? At least his buddy was picking him up this morning so he didn’t have to drive in.

Got laundry going, dogs been out, but needs to be fed and I left the kitchen in good shape last night, and dh wasn’t home or up long enough to do any damage.

Want to give myself a manicure today

20 minute workout

its wednesday so bills and filing, may even start the tax sheet for funzies

aldi sale week starts and they’ve got a great price on lamb this week, so may run there

going to look at target & Best Buy for the ipad (if they have in stock I’ll cancel apple) also need to check DHs discount through work website

sheet pan herbed chicken and brussel sprouts for dinner

amazing race wednesday!


From: friedchickn


Hard to believe it's already Wednesday...and already almost 2

Had breakfast with a friend who might have just been demoted to acquaintance...I felt like she was pumping me for a "big" donation for a cause she's on.  And then her and another friend are in a horrible quarrel...which I'm not getting involved in...but it was like she was trying to pump me for details on that too.  Nope.  Not interested in either.

Stopped home to change out of my decent clothes and popped in at Little Bits.  Fixed a few more shelves and tagged some more stuff.

Just waiting for the gym to heat upa nd then I'll go work out.

Practice piano. 

Cat litter

Trying to confirm that GG's medication list got sent to teh dentist...

And then dinner out tonight...