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Saturday, January 22nd - weekend To Do

Started Jan-22 by scapermom; 139 views.

From: friedchickn


OMG.....yesterday was soooo damn cold.  -9 when I left the house whining and grumping about going to my cross country class.  It was the one class I really wanted to take....downhill survival.  So I put on ALL my cold weather gear and brought all sorts of extra stuff hoarded in my pockets just in case....and it was fine.  Luckily NO wind, just cold.

Came home....started laundry and took the longest hot shower in history.

Dh got home some time later and we ended up taking friends to "our" restaurant.  They'd been trying to get's been a 2 hour wait every time.  So I called over and asked them to hold a table for us.  I'm rarely, if ever, that ####....but I figured hey....I'm not asking for anything ridiculous.  Of course they happily held us one and set us up with all sorts of special yummies.

Finished the night bar I'm suffering a bit this morning

Fed my sourdough starter, primed to make rye biscuits once dh pops up.  Started another load of laundry.  Cleaned some emails and got my calendar and list set for next week.

Who knows what the afternoon/evening will hold....


From: scapermom


Wowza that’s cold! Did your hair freeze? I remember our trip to Canadian Rockies - lake Louise and we idiots decided to walk to find the sled dogs and it being so cold our breath made our hair freeze! 

Envious of your normality up there - haven’t been to a restaurant around here in a while, never mind a bar 

low key weekend here - frigid dog walks, watered plants, got DH ready for his work week, set up my planner for this week and also helped DD set up for her week of virtual school here


From: friedchickn


Everyone I know has had covid in the past I guess I'm Patient Zero....cause I haven't had it or I haven't known I had it.

  We've been dining out and going about our normal(ish) lives since the beginning.  I can't/won't put my life on hold.  And I'm glad I've felt that way cause I can't imagine putting my life on hold for 2 years...that's insane.