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Monday, January 24th - To Do

Started Jan-24 by scapermom; 89 views.

From: friedchickn


This is gonna be a week...for sure.

Today dh has to go (3+ hours one way) to be there to sign forms (in person WTF) for GG's tooth extraction.  He'll leave after we work out and I don't expect him back until after 7 tonight.

Made rye sourdough biscuits.  Really tasty but the rye flour was too heavy so they didn't rise much.

Stripped the bed and grabbed ALL the laundry....that's basically all I'll get done today. LOL.  First load is in the wash...the comforter...which always takes multiple dry cycles.  I'd like to get it done before I leave for lunch with the ladies.

Hot tub just needs the salt adjusted...which you kind of have to creep into.  Just added a bit more....and I'll check it before lunch.

Then the usual stuff....bills, receipts, emails.  Water the plants.  Week money.

I'll romwod tonight and get my plank in while finishing up laundry.

Food....I'll scrape dinner together from whatever is in the fridge for myself.

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From: scapermom


Started morning routine and weekly home blessing (bed stripped, table linens, towels replaced & kitchen sanitized)

DD got up early for her 9am class - had leftover eggs and bagels from the weekend. (I should probably make another breakfast casserole or muffins or something for this weeks breakfasts)  I helped her set up a heater in her ‘classroom’ since it’s in the upstairs front corner and freezing in there

I’ve got laundry going, just flipped it to dryer

I’ll do the rest of the tasks at 11 with flylady - will need to be quiet since dd has a class then as well

wondering if I should book a hotel room for dd & dh for friday night in case they want to go up the night before due to weather?

dog walk later 

feeling the need for a yoga session 

hamburger mac on tonight’s menu