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Wednesday, January 26th - To Do

Started Jan-26 by scapermom; 94 views.

From: friedchickn


I need a break.  Or a vacation.  Or all of the above.

Working out in a bit cause I'm supposed to have a late lunch with a friend....and no exercisy, no eaty....I'll romwod and plank later.

piano practice

cat dump run needed...we really don't make much trash any more.

One last confirmation on the hot tub and then I can pack everything away.  Maybe a nice soak tonight.

Need to put in my farmer's market order

and finish my tasks from Monday and Tuesday.

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From: scapermom


Dog is driving me crazy this morning - out & in, in and out… oy think she knows big snow is coming?

Rest of morning routine is moving onward - on my 2nd load of laundry - how does it pile up so quickly? Like all of a sudden there are no clean towels or dish towels? How? Also trying to get DD ready to go back up to school. All of her bedding is done, just clothes left.

She is supposed to check in on Saturday but we are expecting a big snow storm here (& there?) then so she may leave friday, or sunday or possibly tomorrow afternoon? We shall see

She’s also extra cranky/achey from her booster yesterday, but got up had breakfast & started her long day of classes

I’m making lists and later we’ll hit Target together for some needed items

I’m going to head out to Aldi in a bit to get some fill in supplies

I have to go through emails and see what today’s zone mission is for the family/living room

Dog walk when it warms up a bit - high of 28 today

It’s wednesday so I’ll do bills, file & upload receipts, not sure I’ll have time to look at the tax sheets, may just print out DHs w2 since it’s ready

Going to do a walk at home video - still taking a break from upper body

Dinner will be an easy sheet pan chicken & veggies 

Want to get DD started packing tonight just in case  - wish me luck!

Amazing Race tonight!