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Friday, January 28th - To Do

Started Jan-28 by scapermom; 96 views.

From: friedchickn


LOL.  I have those days.

Dh left early for his avalanche course on Mt Washington.  He won't be home til this evening.  

Cleaning lady was supposed to come...but canceled at the last minute cause her son got hurt at school.  Fine with me...I don't really NEED once a week cleaning, but it works out to like 10 extra dollars and then I get priority...KWIM.  

Ate leftover chicken pot pie for breakfast, started the dishwasher and I suppose I'll get a load of laundry done.

Meeting a friend for lunch at the restaurant.  She hasn't been and couldn't get a table.

The rest of the day...well, I'm trying to take it easy and enjoy myself.  But also don't want to lose momentum.  So I'm gonna stay busy til lunch.  Then maybe watch a few episodes of Scenes From a Marriage after lunch.  Then I'll see how I feel.

There's always more to do unfortunately....