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Friday, April 29th - To Do

Started Apr-29 by scapermom; 119 views.

From: scapermom


Where has the month gone list?

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From: scapermom


Another month flying by! 
morning tasks started- dog done, laundry & kitchen tbd

pretty cold this morning but supposed to warm up to 62 later- looks like this weekend may be a good time to get some seedlings and plant finally 

DH declared this to be car care day so all will be out of service at some point

todays a strength training day for me

zone mission 

dog walk

misfit box expected today- produce drawer is still pretty full so need to use up -maybe a veggie soup?

made a list of possible restaurants for my sister to have her birthday party at this summer, so will text her them later 

Still have that dang pile of papers to sort through and need to check some financial stuff- may have skipped a bill payment on Wednesday

no idea about dinner 


From: friedchickn


This month has just flown by...

I have a blood pressure check at the docs office (they're 5 min down the road) at I want to get my workout and shower in before that.  So...I started the heater in the gym...and have my clothes on.  It's frigid and there's running involved...F ME!!!

But i refuse to go into a boat weekend without doing a workout.  That's just lazy.

Need to make cole slaw before we leave and pack a few more things.

Cat litter, food and water.

maybe i'll have time for piano practice....we'll see.


From: friedchickn


Dh got paid and commission....I'm pushing the bills til I come home on Monday.