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Monday, May 2nd - To Do

Started May-2 by scapermom; 122 views.

From: friedchickn


It's a new week, a new month and the first time dh has been on a business trip in ....2+ years?!

I'd love to just lay around and do nothing...but I have a ton of stuff to get done.  So breakfast is done...I'll clean up the kitchen after lunch or maybe dinner.  The dishwasher is full of clean dishes cause I ran it before bed.

I stripped the bed....have my first load of linens in....and then I have regular laundry and boat laundry.  So it's gonna be a big laundry day.

Need to practice piano...and then I have a rescheduled lesson this afternoon.

Normal Monday tasks...bills, receipts, emails, week money, water plants

On the new boat season cat litter cat room

I'll probably work out tonight after piano or just before dinner.

Need to schedule dog nails.

And then I'll jump right into my long list of things I need to do this week before we head off to the Bahamas!!!

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From: scapermom


Rained cats & dogs last night - woke me up several times ugh plus have a sinus headache for funnies - barrel of coffee coming up!

Just did a speed run of the morning routine sans dog since she’s still upstairs sleeping in. Also started weekly home blessing. The thunder last night kept her up & running around jumping on & off the bed etc 

Rest of the WHB at 11 with flylady

need to quickly pick my box of items from Misfits box since I forgot about it yesterday and stuff sells out

emails to go through

starting another sprint today, so weighed & measured and need to figure out when I’ll do the 4 min workouts and strength train. ALso have to make the soup for the week with the bone broth I made yesterday.

We’re in Zone 1 Entrance so mission for there. New Habit is Moving in May - so my workouts will count for that

Dog walk if it ever stops raining

Some self care - eyebrows are out of control

Think I’ll do the Garlic Lime Salmon from the Hot Melt booklet for dinner tonight


From: scapermom


Vacay girl! Enjoy! Never been to any of those island paradises - only Puerto Rico and I guess Key West counts, tho not as exotic 


From: friedchickn


Key West totally counts!!!

I've never been to Puerto's on my list!