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Tuesday, May 3rd-to do

Started May-3 by friedchickn; 63 views.
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From: friedchickn


Up early...ish.  

Dog is pottied and fed.  Had my overnight oats with blackberries and a few choc chips.  Finishing up my coffee and looking at today's list.

Broke the suitcase out and I'm going to start packing today...I'll go event by event to make sure I have each outfit set. (Trying everything on to make sure as I go)

Dog nails at 10.  Dentist at 2.

Gonna list more stuff from the garage.  The other day dh and I made a small pile of things we'd like to see go.

Hot tub could use some salt...I'll do that later

Call GG

Dog bowls

Feed the sourdough starter...can't decide between biscuits or waffles...maybe a pizza dough I could freeze?


And more Euphoria....

Dinner....I'm leaning towards butternut squash gnocchi with spinach and a cream sauce...