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Wednesday, May 4th - To Do

Started May-4 by scapermom; 132 views.
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From: scapermom


DDs allergies are now giving her bloody noses and shes losing her voice just in time for end of year presentations…so emergency FaceTimes with mom at all hours apparently…sigh

So I’m up and finally getting started on morning tasks

After coffee I’ll tackle the zone mission

Strength workout before breaking my fast 

Was thinking of a Target run for their cheap plastic dish ware for DD to take to her apartment in the fall. It’s on sale and even cheaper this week. May stop by nursery for some veggie seedlings to plant. Town center to drop off tax $ while I’m at it.

Dog walk later if rain stops

Should give my sister a call

It’s wednesday so bills and such

Mini meatloaves for dinner

Survivor night


From: friedchickn


LOL...I always forget that...maybe cause I'm not really a star wars kinda gal.

Slept pretty badly last night.  Kept waking up every hour and looking at the clock.  What is that about?  Oh well....

Once I get today's list in order I'll head to the dump.

Made a 1/4 batch of waffles with Vincent this still made 3 waffles, LOL.  Had mine with choc chips and peanut butter and froze the other 2.

Lunch will be with my ladies...pulled pork, cole slaw and plenty of booze.  Boggle too!!!

I doubt a workout will happen.  I'm ridiculously sore from both 5 mile walks this weekend...guess it took a while to catch up to me.  And yesterday's workout had 120 pushups in my neck and shoulders are sooooorrrrreeeee.

Dinner tonight...the last of the salad and the other 1/2 of the gnocchi.  They were gluten free sweet potato and they tasted like paste.  Glad I didn't make those for dh.  At least I get to check a freezer find box off my weekly list.

More Euphoria tonight!!!


From: friedchickn


Before I'd buy dishware she should check with her roommates...dishes and household stuff was NOT an issue with dd and 4 was like every mom, aunt, grandmother was happy to hand off stuff.  Bedding and towels too....

Mostly they needed a decent vacuum and fans.


From: scapermom


You’re right. I was thinking for her to take old towels and some of my Pyrex for microwave heating.
I’m sure I have a set or two of my moms everyday dishes in the basement too - if not me then my sister has