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Monday, May 16th - To Do

Started May-16 by scapermom; 88 views.

From: scapermom


What’s happening today?

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From: scapermom


Forced myself back to sleep this morning when I woke at 6 something but I’m up now…

Its Monday, so I started the weekly home blessing along with the regular tasks - stripped bed, replaced towels, dog’s been out, but needs to be fed, started laundry load of sheets, kitchen linens replaced and surfaces sanitized. Will be doing more kitchen cleanup and laundry. 

Need to figure out what dd should keep and toss/donate from her dorm stash. Apartments have full size beds so all the bedding can be donated. Wonder if any of the local colleges have collection sites? I’ll have to check.

Took chicken breasts out of the freezer for tonight’s dinner

coffee now then emails and such

today’s zone mission - we’re in the bathroom this week

rest of the weekly tasks at 11 with flylady

strength training session

forgot to water plants yesterday so will get to that today

would love to do some outside gardening but it looks like it’s going to be another rainy one

dog walk later if rain holds or stops at some point

dinner will be the old south beach fave Easy Chicken in Wine sauce since I have an open bottle of white. Rice and broccoli for sides

Read or watch an episode of S3 of Westworld. Want to rewatch before new season starts 6/26. Its hockey playoff season so I’m on my own.

DD and I checked out The TIme Travelers wife last night and it’s weird but watchable - not a must watch tho, we’ll see. I think I read the book or saw another movie with the same title? 


From: friedchickn


It feels like forever since I had a "normal" week....

Breakfast is done...reheated leftover breakfast sandwiches from the marina this weekend.  Kitchen is mostly cleaned and I pulled a chicken pot pie out for dinner.  No clue what dh will do for lunch...I'm going to be out with the ladies...

Working out at 10 so I can get a shower in (and flip the laundry) before heading out.  All that work i did to lose those few pounds...yeah they're back.  So I guess I get to start over.

Usual Monday tasks....bills, email, receipts, week money, water plants, pull the sourdough starter out.

Wanna get an after lunch dog walk in and a few  1 min planks.  Maybe get out there to pull some dandelions before they bloom.

Practice piano

....and collapse.

We're going to watch Firestarter tonight.  It's streaming on Peacock.