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Thursday, May 26th - To Do

Started May-26 by scapermom; 131 views.

From: friedchickn


So for some weird reason...dh has no calls today.  I wish I'd known that sooner...I have a full day of stuff planned and then he's like...I think I'll go over and replace the stove hood.  WTF.  So I didn't offer to go and help, aka stand there and hand him tools....and he packed and went on his own.  I'm scared.  LOL  Hoping it goes well.

Couldn't sleep so I was up at a stupid hour.  Dealt with the dog and then just sat and enjoyed my coffee.

Pizza dough is out thawing.  Listed the Traeger grill (that dh finally agrees he hates). And I just finished mending a bikini top that's stitching was unraveling.

I'll start laundry in a bit.  Then sand and spackle the holes in the closet one last time.

I have a few receipts to deal with.

Ordered the curtains last way around it...I'll be hemming them for sure.

I have a thyme to plant...and I want to re-edge around one garden bed.

Wanna make cookie dough for the weekend.  Pizzas for dinner

piano practice and yoga tonight

That's about it...


From: scapermom


Must be something in the air - my dh decided to take today off . His rebellious buddy coaxed him really. But he’s got the days - but now my whole day may shift. Though I’m planning to work around him as best I can

morning routine mostly done - waiting on dryer to finish and kitchen will just be in constant flux

quick walk at home workout in the bedroom and zone mission after since I’m there

didnt make it to Costco yesterday so will try today

want to make a baked oatmeal recipe I found

need to make sure Dds new dr is in our network 

finish filing

dinner will be salmon, broccolini and rice


From: friedchickn


You should have dd do that!  It's an important skill to be able to find your own doctor and it's not hard...flip the card, call the number, ask.

I figured our dd was gonna be on our insurance til 26...she needed to handle her own ####.